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Rosio: Levels of business valuation and unique situations

Understanding the conclusions reached in a business valuation report requires a basic knowledge of the economic theory underpinning the generally accepted valuation approaches. Familiarity with the concept of levels of value will also aid in understanding the conclusions reached by a BV professional.
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COA upholds $78 million for state in IBM suit, awards IBM interest

The Indiana Court of Appeals has upheld a $78 million judgment in favor of the state and against IBM Corp. that was awarded as part of a long-running legal battle stemming from IBM’s breach of a contract to redesign the state’s welfare system in 2006. But the court also ordered the state to pay post-judgment interest to IBM on a $49.5 million damages award it previously received, overturning a lower court ruling on that issue.
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Company ordered to pay $31.9M to SEC for biofuel fraud

Evansville-based Imperial Petroleum Inc. has been ordered to pay nearly $32 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission after it failed to reply to the SEC’s court filings seeking damages in a biofuels fraud case that resulted in prison time for the former company president.
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