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Legislative panel focuses on idle alcohol permits

When the Indiana Alcohol Code Revision Commission heard public testimony for the first time ahead of the 2019 legislative session on Friday, members of the Indiana legal and business community came forward to discuss the topic that has emerged as one of the most important for the commission to grapple with: how long alcohol permits can be held in escrow before being revoked.
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Food services company sues closed Indiana college

A private college in Rensselaer that closed last year is being sued by a food service company that alleges administrators concealed the school’s dire financial situation. The company said it wouldn't have paid for renovations at St. Joseph College had it known of the school's fiscal problems.
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Minority-owned firms vie to build Indianapolis justice center

Building Indianapolis’ massive criminal justice center will be a bonanza for the companies that land the work — and minority-owned firms are angling to ensure they are among the beneficiaries. If the city meets its goals, that would mean $154 million would go to minority-owned firms — 27 percent of the $571 million project.
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