Attorney awarded $150K for infringement of Indy photo

An Indiana attorney and hobbyist photographer who has sued dozens of people for the unauthorized use of a copyrighted image has been awarded more than $150,000 for the willful infringement of his photo of the Indianapolis skyline.
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Lawyer’s Indy skyline photo on trial in infringement case

More than 18 years ago, an attorney with a photography hobby took a photo of the Indianapolis skyline that would later become the subject of dozens of copyright infringement lawsuits he filed against defendants across the country. One of those cases came to trial Tuesday in a contentious, seven-hour hearing that also put the photo itself on trial.
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Polak and Elrod: Joint ownership and implied license disputes in copyrights

With the increasing complexity between business relationships and joint ventures today, it is difficult for companies to know when they are putting their intellectual property in jeopardy. Copyrighted works of every type — from script and screenplay to software code or even a training manual — may fall victim to legal disputes because of a party’s introduction of their work to another.
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