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ACLU, state debate ‘alternatives’ to banned abortion procedure

As abortion rights supporters and opponents nationwide clash over legislation restricting abortions in several states, Indiana is beginning yet another legal battle over a law that could limit Hoosiers’ abortion access. This year’s fight is centered on second-trimester abortions and whether alternative procedures make banning a specific abortion procedure permissible.
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Woman’s murder conviction vacated for ineffective counsel

A woman with a history of mental illness who was convicted in 2002 of murdering her boyfriend after testifying the she heard a voice telling her she was the Messiah has won her federal habeas case asserting ineffective assistance of counsel. She will be freed unless the state opts within 120 days to retry her.
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New lawyers advised they cannot achieve success by themselves

As the newest group of Indiana attorneys raised their right hands and took their admission oaths Tuesday, they were reminded that just as they needed to achieve this success, they will continue through their careers to need a little help from their friends. The 120 individuals who passed the February 2019 Indiana Bar Exam were admitted to the Indiana Supreme Court as well as the Northern and Southern Indiana District Courts.
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Bedford attorney appointed judge pro tem to fill McCord vacancy

A judge pro tempore has been appointed to replace former Lawrence Circuit Judge Andrea K. McCord following her appointment to the federal judiciary as the newest bankruptcy judge in the Indiana Southern District Court. Serving in McCord’s place as judge pro tempore will be Bedford attorney Nathan G. Nikirk.
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