Indiana Department of Correction


Indiana’s sheriffs push for more funding to house felons

Indiana’s sheriffs say they need more state money to cover the costs of holding low-level nonviolent felons in county jails. Indiana’s county jails currently get a $35 per-day payment for every Level 6 felon they house. But it’s been at least 30 years since that amount changed, according to the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association.
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Prison doctor, nurse must face inmate’s lawsuit

Two medical care providers at the Miami Correctional Facility have lost their bid to end an inmate’s Eight Amendment lawsuit after a district court judge found evidence to reasonably support the inference that the providers were deliberately indifferent to his excruciating foot pain.
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DOC wardship of juvenile delinquent affirmed

A 17-year-old adjudicated as a juvenile delinquent has failed to convince the Indiana Court of Appeals to overturn the Indiana Department of Correction’s wardship over him after failing to prove the case’s disposition constituted fundamental error. But the COA also urged courts to consider allowing juveniles to speak in such cases.
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