Supreme Court rejects DCS ‘piecemeal litigation’ in CHINS cases

In response to the question of whether the Department of Child Services can file successive CHINS petitions based on evidence available at the time of the original petition — a practice that has drawn ire from the Indiana Court of Appeals — the Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that such a practice is barred. However, the specifics of the case the court addressed Thursday did not require reversal.
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New trial ordered in suit over deadly propane explosion

An appellate panel has ordered a new trial in a negligence case arising after a propane tank explosion killed two people in Clinton County. The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that admission of a verbatim hearsay opinion read into evidence by a defense expert witness was prejudicial to the deceased couple’s estate. 
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Justices uphold $1.3 million judgment for crash victim

A divided Indiana Supreme Court has affirmed an award of $1.3 million to a woman suffering long-lasting injuries resulting from car wreck. The majority held that evidence of a medical expert witness’s professional license status and reasons for his professional discipline may be admissible to challenge his credibility.
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Burglary conviction stands against cross-examination appeal

The burglary conviction of a South Bend man who broke into his brother-in-law’s bar where he once had worked and wrote out a check to a third party was affirmed Wednesday. The burglar argued on appeal that he had wrongly been denied an opportunity to cross-examine the third party about his criminal past.
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