William Conour



Conour spars with court at resentencing hearing

If you ask convicted fraudster William Conour how many victims he’s liable to, he’d tell you only one – and even that one isn’t entitled to any money. The disgraced attorney was resentenced to 10 years in prison Thursday, but not before an hourlong presentation detailing why he believed the court’s findings after he pleaded guilty to wire fraud were inaccurate.

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Defiant Conour sentenced to 10 years for third time

Disgraced former Indianapolis attorney William Conour has been resentenced to 10 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to wire fraud — the same conviction that was originally imposed on him five years ago. The judge appeared puzzled, though, by Conour's assertion that the millions of dollars in losses for which he was ordered to make restitution to his ex-clients was inaccurate.

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COA hears malpractice case involving former Conour associate

Roughly five years after former Indianapolis personal injury attorney William Conour was charged in a federal wire fraud case, the Indiana Court of Appeals heard a legal malpractice action involving one of his ex-colleagues for alleged malpractice. One of Conour's victims claims the attorney's actions kept her in the dark about theft of her settlement money.
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