Chief Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson


Judge orders insurance CEO to attend settlement conference

Despite repeated objections, an insurance company’s CEO has been ordered to personally attend an upcoming settlement conference in a contractor’s defamation suit against the insurer. Nationwide Insurance CEO Stephen R. Rasmussen failed to persuade either a magistrate judge or the presiding judge that his presence was unnecessary at a settlement conference in a lawsuit brought by ARAC Roof it Forward.
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1st black, female major general in U.S Army speaks at federal courts’ Black History event

Dozens gathered to belatedly celebrate Black History Month on Friday at the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, but the delay only heightened the joyful celebration. A crowd gathered to hear from honorary guest Major General Marcia Anderson, the first African-American woman to achieve the rank of major general in the history of the United States Army.
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Terre Haute inmate awarded damages for excessive force

An inmate at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute was awarded $2,000 in damages after he won his excessive force lawsuit, with the Southern Indiana District Court finding the “lack of institutional evidence of the incident was exacerbated by the (Bureau of Prisons’) treatment of (the inmate’s) sensitive grievance.”
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Divided 7th Circuit lifts injunction against Indiana fetal-tissue research ban

An Indianapolis judge’s ruling that blocked an Indiana law effectively banning stem cell research derived from aborted fetal tissue was reversed by a divided 7th Circuit Court of Appeals panel Thursday. The 2-1 decision is a defeat for Indiana University researchers challenging the ban, and a dissenting judge questioned the state’s motivation and intent behind a law he said threatens IU research into potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders.
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