Appeals panel upholds Charlestown water utility sale

A southern Indiana community’s sale of its water utility was affirmed Monday after a challenge by a nonprofit group opposed to the deal. The Indiana Court of Appeals let stand the sale of the City of Charlestown water utility to Greenwood-based Indiana-American Water Company, Inc.
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COA overturns injunction against Charlestown code enforcement scheme

A special judge’s ruling that preliminarily enjoined the city of Charlestown from inconsistently imposing code violation fees while simultaneously finding the city was not subject to the state’s Unsafe Building Law has been overturned. The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Monday that the trial court erred in finding the UBL does not apply to the city, thus requiring remand for re-examination of how local and state regulations should work together.
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Judge ends ‘Tiger Baby Playtime’, halts cub declawing

A federal judge Monday shut down a southern Indiana attraction’s public encounters with tiger cubs. The judge also halted the declawing of tiger cubs and separating them from their mothers so they could be used in “Tiger Baby Playtime” events where people pay to mingle with declawed big cat cubs.
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