Law Student Outlook: Francesca Campione and Amanda Vaughn


Law Student Outlook: Mental health and the legal profession

As 2Ls who recently, and very thankfully, came out of a challenging season of firm recruitment successfully, a small fraction of that stress is no longer weighing on us, but that does not change the overall mental health landscape typical of law school. Beyond that, the workplace culture that we will enter upon graduating and passing the bar is nearly guaranteed to continue that cycle.
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Law Student Outlook: Navigating the 2L summer job search

Along with a full course load, leadership positions on the executive boards of student organizations, moot court, journals with endless cite-checking assignments and other time-consuming obligations, one thing is common among top priorities for rising 2Ls: the job search.
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Law Student Outlook: Sexual misconduct and the evolving workplace

One of the most common responses we have seen from current law students is a zero-tolerance policy for instances of sexual misconduct. As the culture has changed in the last few months nationwide about the topic, it has invaded the law school, so far as being part of a few exam fact patterns.
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