JLAP: Lawyer wellness push extends beyond law firms

The recent emphasis on lawyer well-being is not limited to private law firms. Corporate legal departments, the public sector and other legal employers are embracing some of the wellness initiatives being implemented at many law firms.
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Comforting paws for law students

Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law students headed to the library for final exam cramming were met with a pleasant surprise when several furry, four-footed friends greeted them at the door.
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Hurley: How JLAP helps attorneys battling depression

With the development of the JLAP support group, I started working with other lawyers, trying to find ways to help them deal with their depression while successfully practicing law. What I have learned is that, as in many support groups, talking openly with fellow attorneys allows group members to discuss their issues while getting emotional support from their fellow lawyers.
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