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Editorial: Rule changes still lack needed transparency

A proposed overhaul of Admission and Discipline Rule 23 contains some good ideas among the 108 pages of side-by-side comparisons of the old and the new. But the proposals would do little to deprogram the Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission’s culture of confidentiality or boost public confidence in the agency that polices Indiana attorneys.
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Indiana Lawyer announces Leadership in Law honorees

The nominations received tell the story of impressive court victories and decisions that have had an impact on Indiana law. But even more telling is the passion that comes through in many of the nomination packets and letters of recommendation from colleagues, peers and even adversaries who say they are better lawyers for having worked with the individual nominated.
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Barnes used as excuse to challenge merit selection

We surmised it would only be a matter of time before the clamor began, but we were a little taken aback at how few days passed after the Indiana Supreme Court decision in Barnes v. State was issued before a legislator told us he would put together a proposal to change the merit selection process that’s been in place for our appellate courts for nearly 40 years.
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