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IBM awarded post-judgment interest to 2017 in long-running dispute

In its second opinion issued in the years-long dispute between Indiana and IBM Corp. over the failed contract to create a new Hoosier welfare system, the Indiana Supreme Court has allowed IBM to collect post-judgment interest on its $49.5 million damages award. However, that interest will date back only to a 2017 judgment on remand, not the original judgment entered in the company’s favor in 2012, and only serves as an offset to the greater sum IBM owes the state.
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Father sues DCS over son’s death in Morgan County

A father is accusing the Indiana Department of Child Services of being complicit in the death of his 5-year-old son, who died in the care of his mother and her boyfriend. A lawsuit in Morgan Superior Court contends the agency received at least 11 reports of suspected abuse before the 2016 death of Brayson Price.
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Holcomb signs 3 DCS-related bills, 5 others await action

A bill that would have given immunity to guardians ad litem and court appointed child advocates stalled in the Indiana House, but other measures covering foster parents and placing new requirements on the Indiana Department of Child Services all passed through the Statehouse with little or no opposition.
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Supreme Court upholds DOC’s lethal injection protocols

The Indiana Department of Correction can alter its lethal injection protocols without going through a rule-making process because such protocols are internal procedures without the effect of law, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled in a decision affirming the dismissal of a death row inmate’s challenge to Indiana’s lethal injection cocktail.
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