Rene DiBenedetto v. Timothy Devereu - 4/21/17

4/21/17 10:00 am EST

10 a.m. 49A05-1609-CT-02146. After being injured in a car accident, Rene DiBenedetto executed a contingent fee contract for legal services with Conour Law Firm where Timothy Devereux was employed as an attorney.  While represented by Conour Law Firm, DiBenedetto met with Attorney Devereux, who responded to DiBenedetto’s inquiry concerning the distribution of her settlement proceeds.  It was later discovered that DiBenedetto’s settlement proceeds had been stolen by William F. Conour.  DiBenedetto filed this legal malpractice action against Attorney Devereux, arguing that that Attorney Devereux owed her a duty to provide truthful and accurate information, that he breached this duty, and that such breach was the proximate cause of her loss resulting from the mishandling of her settlement proceeds.  The trial court granted Attorney Devereux’s motion for summary judgment.