Indiana Supreme Court takes 4 cases

January 31, 2012

The Indiana Supreme Court granted transfer in four cases for the week ending Jan. 27 and denied transfer in 11 others.

One of the cases the justices accepted involves a man who was arrested for criminal trespass after becoming upset about a fee for a bank printout. The Indiana Court of Appeals reversed the trial court in that case – Walter Lyles vs. State of Indiana – holding insufficient evidence existed to support the conviction.

The Supreme Court also accepted two cases involving child support, along with Tim Berry, Auditor, State of Indiana; M. Caroline Spotts, Principal Clerk of the Indiana House of Representatives; and the State of Indiana v. William Crawford, the case involving legislative rules disputes.

Chief Justice Randall Shepard and Justice Frank Sullivan voted to grant transfer in a case in which a couple filed a complaint against the city of Evansville over a faulty sewer line. The majority, however, declined to take the case.



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