Women's Bench Bar Retreat to host COA

February 27, 2012

The Court of Appeals of Indiana will hear oral argument in In RE: The Paternity of K.S. at noon March 2, at Culver Cove Resort & Conference Center.

A three-judge panel of Judge Patricia A. Riley, Judge James S. Kirsch and Chief Judge Margret G. Robb will hear the argument on appeal from DeKalb Circuit Court.

Following a period of disagreement among the parents of K.S., the father filed petitions for modification of custody of K.S. and for civil contempt of the mother. Following a hearing and decision by the trial court, the father appeals, arguing the trial court erred in ordering continued joint legal custody, in granting the mother primary physical custody and in not addressing the contempt petition.

Attorneys participating in the Indiana State Bar Association's Women's Bench Bar Retreat will attend the oral argument and later join the judges for an informal question-and-answer session on the law and the judiciary. Judges and legislators from Marshall County also are invited.



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