Medically induced disputes causing some heartburn

While the debate rages over the safety of immunizations, family law attorneys in Indiana say that issue is rarely a source of discord between divorced, separated or unmarried parents. However, arguments over medications and doctor’s appointments happen frequently, such as claims that a former spouse goes to the doctor every time the child has a sniffle or others asserting their child should have been taken to an urgent care center instead of the emergency room.

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Makris & Zoeller: How relocation statute changes affect child custody orders

When a parent with a child custody order plans to move, Indiana Code 31-17-2.2 sets out the requirements that they must follow in order to provide the nonrelocating parent with notice of their intended relocation. Amendments to the relocation statute that took effect on July 1 bring changes to filing deadlines, notice procedure, and to whom the law applies.

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IndyBar: What Do You Do When the Custodial Parent Passes?

It’s a phone call or email that no family law attorney wants to hear in a divorce case — that the custodial parent has passed away in a case where the noncustodial parent had supervised parenting time. Apart from your own personal reaction, there are questions whirling through your mind — does custody automatically transfer to the other parent? Even if their parenting time was restricted? What action do I need to take regarding the custody of the child?

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Families not immune from vaccination debate

Arguments for and against vaccinations have grown in the national conversation as 12 states are currently battling an outbreak of measles. A recent Indiana trial court decision in a custody dispute demonstrated that disagreements over vaccinations also happen within families.

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