Rucker retires after 26 years on appellate bench

May 17, 2017
Ask a member of the Indiana judiciary to describe former Indiana Supreme Court Justice Robert Rucker, and you’ll get answers such as “empathetic” or “compassionate.” And those who sat on either side of Rucker during his nearly 18 years on the state’s highest bench say the now-retired justice never let his sense of humanity outweigh the rule of law.More.

Indiana jury awards couple $744,000 for son's shoulder surgery

May 22, 2017
A northern Indiana jury has awarded $744,000 to a couple who claimed a now-deceased doctor performed unnecessary surgery on their teenage son.More.

COA affirms denial of motion to suppress after prolonged traffic stop

May 22, 2017
An Indianapolis police officer did not violate a man’s federal and state constitutional rights when he intentionally prolonged a traffic stop which led to the discovery of paraphernalia in the man’s vehicle, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Monday. The appellate court found the officer had reasonable suspicion to prolong the stop.More.

Carmel-based company wins patent case at US Supreme Court

May 22, 2017
The U.S. Supreme Court is making it easier for companies to defend themselves against patent infringement lawsuits.More.

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Man's companion entitled to compensation for services, COA rules

An Indiana probate court correctly allowed a woman’s partial claim for compensation for 14 years of household and medical services to a man she considered a “loving companion,” the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Friday, finding the woman had rebutted the presumption her services were gratuitous.More.

Ex-Evansville police officer convicted of murder appeals to US Supreme Court

A former Evansville police officer serving an 80-year sentence for murder and arson has asked the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn his conviction and order a new trial.More.

Justices weigh whether negligent hiring claim allowed against Pizza Hut

In its first oral arguments as a temporarily four-person bench, the Indiana Supreme Court considered Thursday whether the plaintiff in a wrongful death case can bring employment-based claims against an employer if the employer has admitted the employee involved in the death was acting in the scope of their employment.More.

Man uses plastic bat to defend son from goose, gets ticket

An Indianapolis man says he shouldn't have been ticketed for using a plastic bat to protect his 4-year-old son from an aggressive Canada goose.More.

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Online Extra: Judicial Roundtable 2014

When Loretta Rush was named chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court in August, Indiana hit a milestone. For the first time, all of our state's appellate courts were being led by women. Indiana Lawyer recently invited Rush, Indiana Court of Appeals Chief Judge Nancy Vaidik, Indiana Tax Judge Martha Wentworth and Chief Judge Robyn Moberly of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana's Bankruptcy Court to discuss their career paths as well as opportunities and challenges today's courts and lawyers face.More.

Improving a child's access to counsel

A proposed draft rule would change waiver procedures in the juvenile justice system.More.

Early intervention for juveniles

A new law, along with pilot programs, encourage alternatives to keep kids out of courts.More.

Views shift on use of executions

What if 1976 hadn’t played out the way it did, and some of the jurists on the U.S. Supreme Court had held the view of capital punishment at that juncture that they did at the end of their judicial careers? The death penalty may never have been reinstated.More.

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  1. My husband financed a car through Wells Fargo In dec 2007 and in Jan 2012 they took him to court to garnish his wages through a company called autovest llc . Do u think the statue of limitations apply from the day last payment was received or from what should have been the completion of the loan

  2. It is not the powerless attorneys who need to be directed to uphold the constitutions. It is the powerful, like those Hoosier attorneys and judges who "extreme vetted" me over my religion ... to keep me out of the bar, and then banished me for life for daring to blow the whistle on their founders'denying double standards and constitution-violating ways. What attorney, fresh out of law school, would ever believe that this question can be asked in a bar admission hearing, as was put to me: “My question is direct, is that correct … do you firmly believe that you’re obligated as a Christian to put obedience to God’s law above human law? That’s my question to you?” “Is that assessment correct? The question is, is that assessment correct?” Force to choose between my Saviour/King and the Hoosier judiciary, I chose Jesus. And my family has paid a very dear price, much like Soviet Christians put to the same vetting by statist Kommissars. Details here: SO YES, LET us all hold fast to the constitutions. I did, and as a whistleblower against powerful Hoosier Kommisars am now forbidden, for the rest of my life, from ever re-applying to the Indiana bar .... after passing the Indiana bar exam, which they did allow me to sit for .. despite grave concerns about my loyalty to their brand of rabid secularism. Doctors of the law, heal thyselves before preaching to those young and idealistic unpolluted ones who know better... and see through your rampant corruption.

  3. This case raced through the district court and the circuit court and now is a petition for certiorari.