Fight for COVID interruption coverage continues

Attorneys representing businesses fighting their insurance carriers over interruption insurance claims are continuing to argue over the meaning of “physical loss and damage,” but some are also contending that the losses linked to COVID-19 are covered when the policy does not contain a virus exclusion provision.

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7th Circuit finds for insurance company in adjuster’s game of chess

A public adjuster who assured an Indiana homeowners association that the way to get a claim for storm damage processed was to play a game of chess with the insurance company, got checkmated when he failed to heed the deadline for filing a lawsuit, prompting the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to make this observation: “Such is the price of gamesmanship.”

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Ruesch: Insurance industry responses to 2020 and future trends

As the workforce continues to adapt to and accept this “new normal,” the insurance industry is also adjusting and evolving and introducing new methods of doing business that will impact in-house and outside practitioners alike. Here are some 2021 industry trends that we will likely see.

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