Supreme Court posts annual report

September 19, 2014

The Indiana Supreme Court has posted its annual report, providing details of the 995 cases it reviewed in the fiscal year ending June 30 and elaborating on plans to roll out electronic filing in trial courts statewide.

The report can be viewed here.

Among statistics in the report:

  • Justices disposed of 970 cases, 52.9 percent of them criminal. Civil cases and attorney discipline cases represented the next most common case type, 29.3 percent and 13.9 percent respectively.
  • The court heard 80 oral arguments, 20 percent of which were argued before a decision on transfer or review.
  • Justice Steven David was the most prolific writer on the court, issuing 19 majority decisions and two non-majority opinions. Chief Justice Brent Dickson authored 18 majority and two non-majority opinions. Justices Massa, Rucker and Rush each wrote 18: 14 majority and four minority opinions by Massa; 15 majority and three non-majority decisions by Rush; and 13 majority opinions and five non-majority opinions by Rucker.
  • Dickson wrote the most civil decisions (13 of 49) while David wrote 10 of 33 opinions in criminal cases

The report also includes reports for each of the agencies that operate as arms of the Supreme Court.


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