DTCI: Philadelphia and lawyers representing business

Philadelphia was founded in 1682 by William Penn and served as the capital of Pennsylvania during the British colonial era. It went on to play a historic and vital role in the 18th century as the central meeting place for our nation’s Founding Fathers. This fall, it will also serve as the location for DRI’s annual meeting.

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Brinkerhoff: Poetic advice: Be kind while there is still time

One of my favorite podcasts, “Men in Blazers,” is led in part by a beautiful soul named Roger Bennett, whose recall of works of literature (among his other gifts) is stunning even to this trivia nerd. When discussion on the podcast turns from soccer to things way more important than soccer, Bennett often recites the poignant closing lines of Philip Larkin’s “The Mower” from “Collected Poems,” which inspired me in writing this column and which advice I hope we can all remember: “… we should be careful/Of each other, we should be kind/While there is still time.”

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DTCI: Eliminating hurry from your practice

What can eliminating hurry mean for your practice? Here is what eliminating hurry does not mean: providing terrible customer service; never having fun; working all the time; becoming a monk. But what it can mean is: making sure that you are committed to doing the task before you well; responding in a timely manner (but not in an immediate manner); fostering more substantive relationships with your colleagues; and having a better understanding of who you are and what you are capable of.

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