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Joseph Fuschetto Immigration Partner Bunger & Robertson

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Immigration Law

Using skilled immigrants to help fill talent gaps

As the Covid-19 pandemic recedes, companies are now faced with a changed labor market. While fears of a recession loom, unemployment remains at near all-time lows. Health care, technology services, and advanced manufacturing all face acute shortages of skilled positions. In particular, the recruitment of physicians, engineers, IT professionals, and nurses remains difficult. The US immigration system is designed to provide a method through the “skilled immigration” framework for employers to meet such needs, but employers looking to sponsor a foreign worker for the first time often find the process complex and daunting. The Indiana Lawyer discussed the challenges of hiring foreign workers with Joseph Fuschetto, an immigration partner at Bunger & Robertson.

Sandra Blevins Managing Partner Betz + Blevins

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Employment Law

Recent events prompt changes in employment law

In our Thought Leadership Q&A, attorney Sandra Blevins of the litigation and employment law firm Betz + Blevins provides answers for some of the most-asked questions about forced arbitration and newly passed state legislation related to COVID employer mandates. She also weighs in on the state’s weak anti-discrimination laws.