Opinions Oct. 24, 2014

October 24, 2014

Indiana Court of Appeals
219 Kenwood Holdings, LLC v. Properties 2006, LLC
Miscellaneous. Affirms finding that Properties 2006 LLC substantially complied with the requirements of I.C. 6-1.1-25-4.5(e), which requires the purchaser of property sold at a tax sale to notify the owner of record of, among other things, the purchaser’s intent to petition for a tax deed on or after a specified date.

Michael C. Wilson v. State of Indiana (NFP)
Post conviction. Affirms denial of petition for post-conviction relief.

Rolando L. Diaz v. State of Indiana (NFP)
Criminal.  Affirms 40-year aggregate sentence following guilty plea to two counts of Class B felony aggravated battery.