Opinions Aug. 11, 2017

August 11, 2017

Indiana Supreme Court
In the Matter of: Gillian DePrez Keiffner
Disciplinary. Enters judgment in favor of Gillian DePrez Keiffner. Finds the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission has not met its burden of proving by clear and convincing evidence that Keiffner violated Indiana Professional Conduct Rules 3.4(e) and 8.4(d).

Indiana Court of Appeals
Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals Division III of Marion County, Indiana, et al. v. Traders Point Association of Neighborhoods, Kenneth F. Zahora (TRS), Cherie L. Zahora (TRS), et al.
Civil plenary. Reverses the Marion Superior Court’s reversal of the Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals’ grant of Gurpreet Singh’s application for an Improvement Location Permit to build a gas station and convenience store. Finds the trial court erred in reversing the BZA’s decision. Reinstates the BZA’s Feb. 16, 2016, decision.