Landfill operator sues Clark and Floyd counties over bond money

January 15, 2018

The private operators of a Borden landfill are suing two counties, seeking $5.2 million in bond proceeds they say they’re owed.

Clark-Floyd Landfill LLC sued Clark and Floyd counties on Jan. 5. The suit alleges that the landfill is owed the bond money and needs it to finish building a barrier wall that will help reduce wastewater within the landfill.

The landfill in Borden, about 20 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky, currently pays the city of Jeffersonville to treat its wastewater.

Attorneys for the two Ohio River counties dispute the lawsuit’s allegations.

Clark-Floyd Landfill vice president Bruce Schmucker tells the News and Tribune the lawsuit is the landfill’s “last resort” after exhausting its options of prodding the counties’ commissioners to release the bond money that’s funded by landfill revenues.


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