DTCI: A baby boomer responds to the millennial generation

Let’s put this in a little intergenerational perspective. Many boomers don’t think millennials are sufficiently committed to their jobs and their futures with their employers. To whatever extent boomers are “disappointed” in millennials, that is a fraction of the disappointment, generally speaking, the Greatest Generation (the boomers’ parents) had in so many young boomers about 40-50 years ago.

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DTCI: Who needs government? Maybe we do!

When I got out of bed this morning, a Tea Party activist on the morning news was decrying government intrusion into our lives and our freedom. He seemed to be saying that our lives would be so much better without government getting in our way and getting in the way of businesses trying to make our lives better through the free market system.

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DTCI: Decisons encourage comparative fault arguments

As Jerry Padgett and I discussed in our commentary, “Causation as a case-dispositive issue”
(Indiana Lawyer, Oct. 14, 2009), the Indiana Court of Appeals has held in favor of summary judgment for defendants
in instances in which the plaintiff’s negligence clearly intervened whatever fault may have been assigned to the defendant.

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