Keeping client relationships on track

As the Indianapolis Motor Speedway celebrates the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, its legal partner has its own milestone with the track. It’s one of several firms marking significant anniversaries this year.

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Appraiser has no duty of care to real estate seller

The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled an appraiser has no duty of care to a seller after he appraised a house for much less than the proposed purchase price. The COA upheld summary judgment for the appraiser in a case where the seller alleged negligence, fraud and slander of title.

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Justices deadlock 2-2 on transfer in two cases

The Indiana Supreme Court deadlocked on one case after oral arguments and denied transfer to another after a 2-2 vote in the court’s list of transfer dispositions for the week ending May 13. The split vote in the absence of a fifth justice reinstates rulings of the Indiana Court of Appeals.

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COA: Stop violated 4th Amendment

A police officer was not within his community caretaker function when he pulled over a woman who left a gas station after she escaped from getting stuck under car, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled. The public safety issue did not outweigh her right to privacy.

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Court orders more proceedings on waiver moves

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed summary judgment for state defendants in a lawsuit brought by Medicaid patients who claimed their move to a new waiver with a cap on expenses violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. The court said the way the patients spent their expenses constitutes an issue of material fact, and they may have been able to receive more services had they spent their money differently.

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