Living Fit: 6 tips to eating right and staying energized on the job

Other than getting a good night’s sleep, there’s probably nothing that impacts your productivity and mood at work more than what you eat. Yet you probably give little thought to what you consume before and during work, defaulting instead to what’s convenient, cheap and tasty. Fortunately, there are a few basic food guidelines that can help you eat better to perform better on the job.

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Living Fit: Did you drop the ball after the ball dropped?

Despite your effort to keep new year’s resolutions, you will almost certainly notice your descent back into your old habits. Resolutions are difficult to keep with a busy work life, dark and gloomy days that bring you down, and colder-than-normal weather. But with these tips, you can do it, no matter what goals you choose.

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Living Fit: Are you making the most of your time?

Isn't it crazy that we're careful to ensure we have a nest egg for our retirement, but we don't invest time in our emotional and physical health to ensure we'll reap the fruits of our hard work in the form of an enjoyable retirement?

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