Letter to the editor: Posner’s pro se comments troubling

If what retired Judge Richard Posner is saying is true, then we have a very serious problem in the 7th Circuit warranting the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice as these judges are violating the civil rights of the pro se litigants who are constitutionally entitled to their day in court.

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Justices uphold St. Joseph County foreclosure

The Indiana Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a mortgage company that foreclosed on a St. Joseph County couple’s home, holding that although the couple’s personal liability was discharged under Chapter 7 liquidation, the lien on the property was still an enforceable action.

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Pro se inmate wins appeal of sentence modification

An inmate’s pro se legal briefs arguing for a modification of his 70-year drug sentence impressed the Indiana Court of Appeals, who granted him another chance to make his case that he deserves leniency as a model prisoner who made the best of his time behind bars.

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