Justices deny transfer in more than a dozen cases

June 1, 2010

The Indiana Supreme Court considered 13 appeals during the past week, denying them all and rejecting a case that it had previously agreed to hear.

On May 26, the justices decided to not consider the case of Roger L. Brown v. State of Indiana, No. 12A02-0901-CR-1, which arose out of Clinton County and involved a trial judge’s decision about admitting a blood test in a drunken driving case. An order vacated the transfer and reinstated the Court of Appeals ruling from last year.

All the justices concurred in denying the other appeals, which included nine Not For Publications, three For Publication rulings, and a prisoner suit that had been dismissed at the intermediate appellate level. A full list of the court’s transfer dispositions can be viewed online at http://www.in.gov/judiciary/opinions.


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