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IBA-Hickey-ChristineWhile I rate myself a first-class emailer, I am not a texter. In fact, I just recently
entered the world of texting since it is now the only way to communicate with children sitting in the backseat of your car.
It is no longer cool to use TTFN (ta ta for now), instead BBL (be back later) or BFN (bye for now) are the new lingo. Shorthand
from the days of yore has now given way to “acronymisms”. That the mad-texting-acronym ways of this generation
of children have transcended the business world was made clear in a recent IBA web designer meeting where I was thrilled to
learn “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get), and shocked that the term was apparently known to everyone in
the room but me.

Now, I know of FAQs and FYIs, and I am sure that most everyone has used SNAFU, TLC, TGIF and ASAP. But things have gotten
more complicated. Not only does SOL not always translate to statute of limitations, but I have discovered endless combinations
of letters that open a whole new world of communicating. Just the other day, in an email from a client, a sentence was preceded
by IMHO. I assumed the sender had fat-fingered the keyboard, hitting the wrong keys, and left it at that. As I prepared to
write this column, however, I learned what was really meant by that cryptic message: “in my humble opinion.” Thus,
I thought it time to put to good use some of the “texting” lingo and educate our readers so that you, too, can
be CAAC (cool as a cucumber) and CUWTA (catch up with the acronyms) as you plan for upcoming IBA summer events.

Bench Bar is not just BAU (business as usual)! What could be better than spending several relaxing days in Louisville with
your friends aka lawyers and judges, learning CLE and BYGWL (busting your gut with laughter)? With an optional dinner on Thursday
June 17th, programming starting on Friday the 18th, followed by a cocktail party, dinner and good old fashioned fun, rounded
out by ethics on Saturday, WNTL (what’s not to like)? It’s not too late to register at Indybenchbar.org, and IBGYBG
(I’ll be gone, you’ll be gone) to Make Legends Out of Lawyers!

Summer Connection is a perfect opportunity to mix and mingle with law students and fellow lawyers. This cocktail reception
always boasts a good turnout, and the Law Student Division is very appreciative of the opportunity to connect with practicing
attorneys. The event is Thursday July 29th, from 5:30 – 7:30 at the Skyline Club and registration is available at www.indybar.org.
It is free to all IBA members and it is not a “BTDTGTS” (been there done that got the t-shirt) kind of evening.
NUFF (enough said).

Diversity Job Fair luncheon. On Friday, August 20th at Noon in the Hyatt Regency, IBA members are invited to share lunch
and greet law student guests from across the country. IGWST (it goes without saying that) this is an event you won’t
want to miss. Save the date and look for more details in upcoming Bar news. AWTTW (a word to the wise), you’ll want
to BTWBO (be there with bells on)!

FCOL (for crying out loud), what more could you ask for in summer events at the IBA? CYE (check your email) for the Ebulletin
weekly to stay current on CLE and other hot happenings. And for those of you who are masters at texting, I’ll close
without the translation:

@TEOTD, TLGO and there are TMA so TNT I’ll end with a BSAAW. TWIWI?! TTFN.•

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