IBA: The IndyBar's Been Busy

August 15, 2012
Law Student Division

Chair: Travis Taggart, Robert H. McKinney School of Law

wld-reception.jpg Attendees at the Women & the Law Division’s annual Summer Reception mingle prior to enjoying remarks by featured guest speaker Hon. Denise LaRue of the United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana.

The IndyBar Law Student Division wrapped up a successful spring semester in April, highlighted by weekly events designed to acclimate and prepare students for all aspects of the real legal world. Among these, the honorable Judge Tim Oakes candidly spoke with students about successful relationship building and the value of networking, board members provided a hands-on presentation for practical blue-booking tips, and the division put on its biannual “One-Stop Shop” for summer bar applicants. The board has an even more ambitious schedule lined up for the Fall semester and is excited to implement a more focused networking strategy built around IndyBar Section membership and participation. The Division will hold a Section Fair on August 28th to introduce the Sections to first year students at Robert H. McKinney School of Law and will continue our monthly series, Breakfast with the Bar, featuring a particular Section for a breakfast information and networking session. 

Membership Committee

Chair: Lizzie Schuerman, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP

In addition to our annual recruitment efforts, the committee has spent several meetings brainstorming certain aspects of membership. In particular, we have focused on attorneys in the five to nine years of practice range. We have generalized that the members of this group are likely in some sort of transition, possibly leaving firms to start their own business, starting families thereby leaving less time to participate in extracurricular activities, or perhaps these attorneys are on the brink of, or have just achieved, partnership and are fully focused on firm activities. We have tried to consider how the IndyBar might be able to better appeal to this group. This brainstorming is still evolving and hopefully we will develop some concrete ways to appeal to this group of attorneys.

Paralegal Committee

Chair: Joanne Alexovich, Cantrell Strenski & Mehringer LLP

One of the Committee’s goals this year was to build upon previous efforts to recognize Law Day throughout the Indianapolis Bar. This sub-committee created a great partnership with the Shortridge Law and Public Policy magnet school. On May 1, 2012, the committee sponsored a career fair at Shortridge to educate students on law-related careers. Approximately 225 eighth and ninth graders participated in the 90-minute event and were able to receive information and career advice from probation officers, court reporters, court clerks, bailiffs, court interpreters, law librarians and assistants, and many more legal-oriented agencies and organizations. It was a successful event and created partnerships the committee hopes to build upon in the future.

Professionalism Committee

Chair: David Herzog, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP

The committee has continued its “Pause for Professionalism” program, producing short, instructive videos featuring leading practitioners who instruct on various topics and skills, covering both the substantive aspects of the tasks and the professionalism components. We have also continued our “Nod to Professionalism” recognitions in the Indiana Lawyer, but have broadened the theme to showcase practices and specific examples of individual behavior and circumstances in which practitioners exhibit behavior that brings honor to the profession while still serving the best interests of their clients.

Real Estate & Land Use Section

Chair: Mary Lisher, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP

iba Legislative Committee Chair Hon. Heather Welch, Marion Superior Court, poses a question to the more than 20 Indiana legislators attending the annual Lawyer Legislator Luncheon held on March 5, 2012.

The section has advocated on behalf of its members on several issues in 2012. One issue included submitting proposed changes to the Lawrence Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) rules of procedure to address the representation of petitioners before that BZA by non-lawyers not working under the supervision and direction of a lawyer. For over a year, the Committee has discussed various concerns identified by it relating to representation of parties in land use proceedings by non-lawyers who are not working under the supervision and direction of a lawyer. The Committee concluded that the best approach was to encourage the adoption of rules of procedure by BZAs that would require parties representing a petitioner before the BZA to be a lawyer or a non-lawyer working under the supervision and direction of a lawyer. This recommendation was approved by the IndyBar Board of Directors in June and forwarded to the BZA for consideration.

Senior Counsel Division

Chair: Jeffery Meunier, Attorney at Law

The Senior Counsel Division is on its way to a very productive year. One of our goals was to increase our social interaction. We have an event scheduled at the BMW PGA Championship, an outing to Symphony on the Prairie at Connor Prairie, and we are planning a presentation for bar members from a neurologist on the signs of dementia and how to recognize it in yourself and in your colleagues. At least three additional events are scheduled to take place for the remainder of the year.

Sole Practitioner/Small Firm Practice Section

Chair: Alex Limontes, Mitchell Hurst Dick & McNelis LLC

One of our section’s main goals this year was to work closely with other IndyBar sections, which we have accomplished. This year we have worked closely with the Paralegal Committee and the Young Lawyers Division. We co-hosted a breakfast series CLE with the paralegal section, and we also co-hosted a social event with the young lawyers division and presented a session for solos/small firm practitioners at their annual Applied Professionalism Course. In addition, the section’s annual “Surviving and Thriving” program was refreshed with new speakers and topics and will be held on October 5.


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