Sidebars: Noblesville eatery’s Buffalo chicken sandwich is tasty surprise

September 10, 2014

SidebarsEditor’s Note: Sidebars reviews and rates eateries lawyers may enjoy visiting when working at courthouses throughout Indiana. Fred offers this issue’s review.

This article is long overdue. My apologies to fellow barristers John Manley and David Pumphrey, owners of this neat little spot in downtown Noblesville, for not getting there for lunch sooner. Sometimes the rigors of time control one’s life too much.

Located on the southeast corner of Noblesville’s historic square in Hamilton County, this former sporting goods antique shop has been tastefully transformed into a restaurant and bar concept whose decor blends a wonderfully balanced newness while retaining the 100-plus-year-old character of the building that houses it. While the menu pretty much is standard pub fare, it sets itself apart by making what dishes it can from scratch and utilizing the “farm to table” concept as much possible.

On one steamy summer Monday, I finished my 11 a.m. court appearance in Noblesville with plans to make it to my 1:30 p.m. court appearance in Indianapolis. I learned the Indianapolis appearance was vacated thereby freeing up my afternoon. Flying solo, I decided to go to the Copper Still for lunch since Jenny had already devoured her lunch back at our office. Shortly after my arrival, local lawyers Alicia Adcock, Eric Benner and Tim Hixson joined me along with their law clerk, Josh Friend. I actually waved them over to my table when I saw them enter the restaurant because, let’s face it, I was lonely.

I learned they are regular customers of Copper Still, so they were perfect lunch mates. Alicia and Josh each ordered the Cobb salad, Eric ordered a bowl of red pepper soup, and Tim decided on quesadillas. I went with one of my favorites, a grilled Buffalo chicken sandwich, not only because I like it but because I feel it is a good barometer to use when comparing restaurants.

The salads contained amply proportioned fresh greens with sliced grilled chicken breast as an accompaniment. Alicia and Josh indicated this selection was one of their favorites, and I could see why from its appearance. Eric’s soup was well received and generously proportioned. Tim seemed to enjoy his quesadillas, but they appeared no different than those I’ve seen served at other places or prepared by us at home.

My chicken sandwich is something that I would certainly order again. I was admittedly skeptical when I ordered it because, as I perused to the menu, I noted in the appetizer section it said if you wanted hot Buffalo wings, they were served with Frank’s Red Hot sauce. While I enjoy Frank’s, let’s face it, it is pretty mainstream.

I was in for a surprise when my sandwich arrived. Upon first glance I noted a split chicken breast on a toasted bun. The color of the hot sauce was more orange than red which told me this sandwich wasn’t flavored with Frank’s. It was also topped with real, crumbled blue cheese. Nice touch. As I bit into the sandwich, I really enjoyed the flavor of the hot sauce. It was certainly better than Frank’s and the next time I dine at this place, I’m going to order wings with this sauce instead of that offered on the menu.•

Copper Still Kitchen & Bar, 917 Connor St., Noblesville, IN. 317-214-7376. www.copperstillkb.com.

Fred Vaiana and Jennifer Lukemeyer practice at Voyles Zahn & Paul in Indianapolis, focusing on criminal defense. Both enjoy a good meal with colleagues and friends. The opinions expressed in this column are those of the authors.


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