Americans with Disabilities Act discrimination

September 8, 2015

Trial Reports: Reports on recent Indiana cases submitted by the lawyers involved.

Americans with Disabilities Act discrimination

Name of Case: Kristine R. Rednour v. Wayne Township Fire Department and Wayne Township

Court Case Number: 1:13-CV-0320-SEB-DKL

Injuries: Wages, benefits, and emotional distress

Court: U.S. Court for the Southern District of Indiana, Indianapolis Division

Court Date: July 31, 2015

Trial Type: Jury trial

Judge: Hon. Sarah Evans Barker

Disposition: Award to plaintiff by jury of $123,500 in wages/benefits and $100,000 in emotional distress

Plaintiff Attorney: Kevin W. Betz, Sandra L. Blevins, and Courtney E. Endwright; Betz + Blevins

Defendant Attorney: Christine L. Zook and Megan J. Schueler; Ferguson & Ferguson

Insurance: American Alternative Insurance Corporation

Case Information: Jury finds fire department discriminated against diabetic paramedic because fire department failed to accommodate her diabetes even though it was or should have been aware of her need for an accommodation. Jury awarded $123,500 in back wages and benefits and $100,000 in emotional distress damages. Attorney fees and costs to be awarded by the court.

Submitting Attorney: Courtney E. Endwright