Report on pro se litigants presented to Indiana Supreme Court

October 7, 2015

A report and recommendations for addressing the issue of unrepresented litigants has been submitted to the Indiana Supreme Court but the contents are not being made public.

Both the Supreme Court and the chair of the group that wrote the report confirmed the study has been completed but each declined to discuss the recommendations in detail.

Indianapolis attorney Carol Adinamis led the group. She said she does not think anyone would be surprised by what the committee recommended.

The Supreme Court appointed the 10-member group, dubbed the Assessment Team, in May. It was tasked with examining how the judicial system in Indiana is handling the challenges created by pro se litigants. The group was given a tight deadline of having their work completed by the fall.   

Justice Brent Dickson explained at that time the team was put together to take a fresh look at how the state was dealing with the pro se issue and consider whether there would be a better way to handle unrepresented parties in the courtroom.

Adinamis praised the members of the group as being a “fantastic team” who had a lot of knowledge about pro bono issues and who put a great deal of effort into the report.

The Assessment Team has been given some follow-up assignments from the Supreme Court on the same topic. That work is expected to be completed soon.    


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