Inbox: Young lawyers work togther

Dear Editor:

On September 17, the DTCI Young Lawyers joined with their colleagues in the ITLA for an event at the Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.  They assembled 624 bags of food for kids in the community to take home for the weekend so they don’t go hungry. This joint ITLA-DTCI event was organized by Alex Limontes of Mitchell Hurst Dick & McNelis, the Young Lawyers Chair of ITLA, and Molly Harbison of Lewis & Wilkins on behalf of DTCI. This is one of the wonderful ways that our two organizations work together for the betterment of the community and to promote cordiality among our members.

Through an oversight on our part, the ITLA young lawyers were not mentioned in the identification that accompanied the photo the DTCI ran in its insert in the Oct. 21 issue of Indiana Lawyer.  This was most certainly unintentional and was the result of miscommunication between the several people who were involved in producing the pages. 

The young lawyers of both associations deserve all the recognition and applause that we can give them.•

Thomas C. Hays
President, DTCI

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