Indiana Tax Court moves to e-filing in January

Beginning Jan. 4, all three of Indiana’s appellate courts will accept electronic filing. Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush signed an order Wednesday announcing the Tax Court’s addition to the e-filing project.

The order says all filings by attorneys and unrepresented litigants may be filed through the Indiana E-Filing system next month. Beginning July 1, 2016, all filings by attorneys shall be filed through the IEFS; unrepresented litigants may continue to file using paper.  

An exception to the e-filing rule: all petitions commencing an original tax appeal and all certified administrative records from either the Indiana Board of Tax Review or the Department of Local Government Finance. Those will continue to be conventionally filed.

The Supreme Court announced in 2014 the plan to move all state courts to e-filing by the end of 2018. Hamilton County is the first county to participate in the project, which is being led by Justice Steven David and Court of Appeals Judge Paul Mathias.

The Indiana Supreme Court and Court of Appeals began accepting e-filing last month.

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