Indiana law drives down moped thefts, sales

December 29, 2015

Some Indiana police agencies say a law that put more stringent requirements on mopeds and scooters has driven down thefts of the motorized vehicles in the past year, the Evansville Courier & Press reported.

Evansville Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jason Cullum said scooter theft reports fell from 269 in 2014 to just 79 as of Dec. 17. He said that’s because scooters are now easier to track if stolen because they now must be registered and licensed.

The law that took effect in January 2015 also has hurt sales of the vehicles by making it easier for police to enforce the age limit of 15 for people who can register and operate a scooter.

Scooter Shop owner John Hembd said his Evansville store sells few scooters these days.


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