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January 13, 2016

Each year, more than 800 IndyBar members work on behalf of the bar through sections, divisions, committees and task forces, producing an impressive array of events, programs and services for the benefit of the membership and the legal community at large. Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that some bar offerings might be news to even the most involved member.

Throughout this year, we’ll regularly share the offerings created by—and for—IndyBar members. Have a great idea to share? Contact iba@indybar.org. Ready to take advantage of these benefits? Join online at indybar.org/join or renew for 2016 at indybar.org/renew.

Practice Makes Perfect

The IndyBar Appellate Practice Section created the Indiana Appellate Institute in 2010 as a resource for lawyers who have oral arguments scheduled before the Indiana Supreme Court or Indiana Court of Appeals. The Indiana Appellate Institute offers “moot” or practice argument sessions before panels of seasoned appellate advocates and others who have reviewed the briefs and will ask the sorts of questions an advocate can expect at the actual argument.

The service is free to those IndyBar members presenting their first oral argument in any court and those representing an indigent or pro bono client. Experienced advocates may use the Institute for a modest fee of $500. The fee is used by the Appellate Practice Section to fund activities like CLE programming, scholarships to national appellate training programs for attorneys of limited means and contributions to the Indianapolis Bar Foundation.

Many members who have used the Indiana Appellate Institute over the last five years have benefited from this service. Read on to learn about one member’s experience, and find out how the institute can help you prepare for your next case at indybar.org/appellateinstitute.

“I have used the Indiana Appellate Institute twice in preparation for oral arguments before the Indiana Supreme Court.  Both experiences exceeded my expectations.  It was apparent to me that each attorney on the panel invested a significant amount of time in reading the briefs and formulating questions. 

Although the moot itself was helpful, far more valuable was the critical feedback I received from the attorneys on everything from the substance and style of answering questions to the actual merits of the case.  Perhaps the best gauge of the quality of the experience is that I was confident before and during each oral argument and, in evaluating my performance afterwards, I would not have done anything significantly different.”

– Brent R. Borg, Church Church Hittle & Antrim

HEAL is Here

The holidays and new year can be a time of hope, but they can also be a time of difficulty. One IndyBar program, “Helping Enrich Attorneys Lives” (HEAL), aims to provide support and/or assistance during times of personal and professional crisis.

HEAL provides assistance to lawyers, judges and paralegals who are experiencing matters such as health conditions, the death of a loved one, weather or other disaster-related events, or a major life crisis or setback. Whether you are experiencing the crisis or you are affected by the crisis of someone close, HEAL aims to give support and resources in a variety of ways that are tailored to each experience.

If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties, contact HEAL at HEAL@indybar.org. More information about the program can be found indybar.org/heal.•



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