Court OKs increase in CLE distance education hours

February 17, 2016

The Indiana Supreme Court passed an order Monday increasing the number of continuing legal education hours that judges and lawyers can take through distance education.

For state level judges, the number of interactive distance learning hours a judge can take over the judicial officer education period increased from nine to 12, with all other regulations staying the same. A state judge is required to take 15 hours of approved courses each year and no less than 54 hours each judicial officer educational period. Five of those must be toward professional responsibility.

The amount of distance learning hours all other judges can take increased from six to nine during the educational period. All other requirements remained the same for them as well; six hours of approved courses each year, and 35 hours each educational period.

For attorneys, the amount of hours that can be distance learning hours increased from six to nine for the educational period. Other CLE requirements remained the same. Lawyers need six hours of approved courses each year and 36 hours each educational period. Three hours of professional responsibility must be included in that.


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