Residential substance abuse treatment grant applications sought

February 25, 2016

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for State Prisoners grant applications are being accepted until March 31, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute announced Thursday.

The RSAT program provides funding to states and units of local government for substance abuse treatment of current or once-incarcerated people. Funding may be used to assist offenders and their communities during re-entry, through the delivery of community-based treatment and other broad-based aftercare services. A focus is on programs that enhance the capability of states and units of local government to provide residential substance abuse treatment for incarcerated inmates, and prepare offenders for their reintegration into their communities by incorporating re-entry planning activities into treatment programs.

A city or county jurisdiction must be the legal applicant. RSAT applications are accepted through the Egrants online application process, found at https://egrants.cji.in.gov. Applicants must be registered in Egrants, and first-time registrants can visit the Egrants website and click on the Register button located on the home page. Failure to register will prevent applicants from obtaining access to the application system and registration could take several days for first-time registrants. All current ICJI funding opportunities can be viewed at http://www.in.gov/cji/2371.htm.


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