Senate immigration committee meeting to focus on economy

June 14, 2016

The Indiana Senate Select Committee on Immigration Issues, chaired by Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel, will turn its attention to the impact of undocumented workers on Indiana’s economy during its meeting Wednesday.

According to the agenda, the committee will be studying the “effect of unauthorized aliens upon the economic well-being of Indiana and, more specifically, Indiana’s workforce and wages.”

Scheduled to testify are representatives from several groups including the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana Builders Association and the Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association. Immigration attorney Angela Adams is also scheduled to testify.

This will be the third meeting of the special committee which was formed in February by Senate President Pro Tem David Long. Its mission is to study nine specific topics and making recommendations for the 2017 session of the Indiana General Assembly.

The two previous meetings examined the enforcement of immigration-related laws, the cost of undocumented residents and federal and state immigration laws.

In announcing the committee, Long said, “The federal government’s ongoing refusal to enforce our nation’s immigration laws has real effects for every state, including Indiana. Unfortunately, when the states have stepped up and tried to address the problem, we have often found our hands tied by federal preemption and a lack of willingness on Washington’s part to share information. I’m hopeful this group of Senators can find state-driven solutions to this problem.”

Wednesday’s meeting is at 1 p.m.  in Room 431 of the Indiana Statehouse. The committee is scheduled to meet three more times:  Aug. 17, Sept. 21 and Nov. 10.


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