Indiana man sentenced to life after third bank robbery

June 17, 2016

An Indiana man has been sentenced to life in prison under a federal "three strikes" law after he was convicted of robbing a Muscatine bank.

Thomas Alexander Davis III, of Indianapolis, was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Davenport. He was convicted by a jury on Feb. 11 of robbing a Muscatine bank in November 2012.

The 40-year-old Davis also had bank robbery convictions in 1995 and 2005 in Indiana.

Prosecutors say because the two prior robbery convictions were serious violent felonies, federal sentencing law mandated life imprisonment for the third.

Davis fled the Muscatine robbery in a car driven by Stacey Fincher, also of Indiana.

Fincher received a deferred judgment and five years of probation in state court after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit a forcible felony.


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