Website set up for COA judges facing retention vote

July 18, 2016

Indiana’s state courts have established a website with information about four Indiana Court of Appeals judges facing retention on the November ballot.

Voters will vote yes or no on retaining these four appellate judges:

•         Judge Terry A. Crone, Third District, South Bend;
•         Judge James S. Kirsch, Second District, Indianapolis;
•         Judge Edward W. Najam Jr., First District, Bloomington; and
•         Judge Patricia A. Riley, Fourth District, Rensselaer.
The website includes biographies, video of oral arguments, and searchable decisions written or voted on by the judges. The Indiana State Bar Association will release evaluations of each of the judges from a survey of its members later this year, and the results will be included on the retention website.

Indiana has used a merit-selection process to choose and retain its appellate judges for the past 44 years. Once appointed, a judge must stand for retention at the first statewide general election after the judge has served for two full years. If retained, the judge is on the retention ballot every 10 years.


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