IU McKinney professor appears in lawyer assistance program video

October 10, 2016

An Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law professor has been featured in an American Bar Association video aimed at encouraging law students suffering from addiction to seek help.

Professor Allison Martin, a clinical professor of law at IU McKinney, appears near the end of the 32-minute version of “The Besden Redemption,” which was produced by the American Bar Association’s Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs. Martin is the co-chair of the commission’s law school assistance committee and helped with the video production over the summer.

The video chronicles the story of Laurie Besden, an attorney and executive director of the Lawyers Concern for Lawyers program in Pennsylvania. Besden tells the story of becoming an addict after a car crash during her time in law school and how she started recovery after speaking with a fellow attorney who had also been an addict.

“When I saw Laurie tell her story at a national conference a year ago, I was blown away,” Martin said in a statement. “It is compelling and powerful, and I felt that law students would be able to identify with her.”  

“My hope is that the video will help to advance the dialogue about substance abuse, addiction and mental health issues in the legal profession,” Martin continued. “Recent studies have shown that these issues are real and prevalent among law students and lawyers. I also hope that her story will encourage others struggling with similar issues to seek help.”

Martin is a clinical professor of law who teaches litigation drafting, legal analysis, research and communication, professional responsibility and legal process at IU McKinney. Terry Harrell, executive director of the Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, also appears in the video.



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