Bankruptcy judge announces retirement

December 2, 2016

A former chief judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana has announced his retirement.

Judge Basil J. Lorch III announced Friday that he will be retiring from the Southern District Bankruptcy Court effective at the end of calendar year 2016. At his request, the 7th Circuit has recalled Lorch to service through Jan. 2, 2018, subject to renewal.

Lorch first took a seat on the bankruptcy bench on April 14, 1992, and was reappointed on April 14, 2006. He served as chief judge of the bankruptcy court from June 2003 to May 2010.

The 7th Circuit announced that the vacant position left after Lorch’s retirement will not be filled at this time. The bankruptcy court also announced that practitioners should experience little change in their bankruptcy court proceedings because Lorch intends to continue his regular service to the New Albany and Evansville divisions, as well as the Indianapolis Division, when needed. The court said it does not anticipate any transfer of cases or proceedings as a result of Lorch’s retirement announcement.



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