Justices to hear case of man convicted of mistreating police dog

December 12, 2016

The Indiana Supreme Court will decide if South Bend police officers unnecessarily deployed the use of Tasers and a police dog on a man stopped during a traffic pursuit after granting transfer in the case of a man convicted of mistreating K-9 officer.

After the St. Joseph Superior Court convicted Royce Love of mistreatment of a law enforcement animal and resisting law enforcement in 2015, the Indiana Court of Appeals overturned the convictions in September, writing that officers’ testimony about Love’s response to their orders to exit his vehicle contradicted video evidence of the incident. Love contended that he cooperated with the officers’ orders, but a police dog was unnecessarily deployed on him while he was lying face down, so he was forced to defend himself.

The case is Royce Love v. State of Indiana, 71S03-1612-CR-641.

The justices also granted transfer in the case of In re the Marriage of Thomas Todd Reynolds v. Tricia Reynolds, 29S04-1612-DR-636, with Justice Steve David writing for the majority last week that “strict compliance” with a state statute regarding contempt orders can be excused as long as the party accused of being in contempt has been notified. Justice Geoffrey Slaughter dissented.

The justices denied transfer to 20 cases during the week ending Dec. 9. The full list of transfer decisions can be viewed here.


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