IndyBar Shares Feedback with Mayor’s Task Force

December 14, 2016

By Indianapolis Bar Association Justice Center Task Force

As we have previously reported, Mayor Joe Hogsett has expressed interest in improving our Marion County justice processes. Early in his term, he appointed several representatives to meet with primary and secondary stakeholders in the civil and criminal justice systems to identify micro and macro level ideas. Primary stakeholders are those within city and county agencies. Secondary stakeholders are all others, including the IndyBar.

We have welcomed the opportunity to continue the dialogue the IndyBar initiated 15 years ago. We remain committed to the belief that the men and women working in our local court system and the residents of Marion County deserve safe and adequate facilities which are not best provided in the current City-County Building. So, over the past few months the Indianapolis Bar Association has been gathering information through town hall meetings and most recently through the use of a survey. We have provided the Mayor’s representatives with the results, and a copy of the letter has been posted at indybar.org.

Though bar association leadership will continue to actively push for a voice in any planning of new justice facilities, it is important to note that as a secondary stakeholder, ours is not a dominant voice. Therefore, we urge all members of the legal community with ideas or strong feelings to contact Tim Moriarty, Special Assistant to the Mayor, at Timothy.Moriarty@indy.gov.•


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