Court authorizes interim solutions to infraction, ordinance violation e-filings

January 6, 2017

Indiana attorneys now have a new e-filing option.

The Indiana Supreme Court posted an order this week authorizing e-filing of initial complaints and pleadings in infraction and ordinance violation case types. Those cases can be e-filed using the same interim solutions for the Odyssey and JTS case management systems authorized in April for the e-filing of initial information and pleading in criminal case types. The infraction and ordinance violation filings can begin after civil e-filing has begun in a given county.

The steering committee will terminate the interim solutions once the e-filing manager purchased by the court is able to accommodate initial complaint and pleadings in infraction and ordinance violation case types.

The order also amends Trial Rule 77(B) to no longer require an attorney’s number to appear on the chronological case summary if that information is available elsewhere in the case management system.

The full order, including the amendment to Trial Rule 77(B), can be read here.

The court also announced earlier this week that a seventh e-filing service provider, US Legal Pro, is now certified and available for use by Indiana attorneys.


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