Indiana officer plans insanity defense in hit-and-run crash

May 17, 2017

Court records show a suspended Lake County, Indiana, sheriff's officer charged in a hit-and-run crash after last year's Gary Air Show plans an insanity defense.

A May 10 court filing says Lt. Guy Mikulich plans the defense to all 13 counts he faces, including four felonies for operating while intoxicated, causing serious bodily injury.

The filing says a mental disease or defect left Mikulich "unable to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct."

Police have said Mikulich's unmarked car struck Derrick Dircks of Frankfort, Illinois, on July 10 along a street following the air show, causing serious injuries. Police say Mikulich was stopped about 1½ miles away, and a blood draw showed he had a blood-alcohol content of 0.13 percent.

A gag order bars parties from discussing the case.


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