Attorneys now have online state court record access

June 9, 2017

Indiana lawyers can now view online public records in state trial court cases in the Odyssey case management system available through mycase.in.gov. Attorneys can sign in on the upper right corner of the website using their courts portal credentials to access motions, briefs and other filings available on the site.

In February 2017, the Indiana Supreme Court issued an order announcing it would implement enhanced electronic access to court records. The order said attorneys would have access to documents on mycase on or after May 1.

Public access to those records is expected to follow, but it’s unclear when. February’s order says the public will have access to final orders in criminal cases on or after Aug. 1, but does not lay out a timeline for public access to motions, briefs and other court filings.

Those decisions are being made with input from the Supreme Court’s 22-member Task Force on Remote Access to and Privacy of Electronic Court Records. The task force’s quarterly meeting was to be Friday, but the meeting was cancelled. The group’s next scheduled meeting is Sept. 8.


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